Requirements for access to the courses:

A desktop, laptop, tablet, mini tablet, or smartphone with the maximum speed that can be acquired in the country. Preferably tablets, mini-tablets and smart phones.


Desktop and laptop computers run more applications in the background making them slower and possibly slowing communications.

A good pair of headphones with microphone.

Students can record the online classes for their own use, as it is strictly forbidden to reproduce and sell Tradfax intellectual property. Recordings are only for the benefit of the student.

Students can expect to receive online references and dictionaries throughout the course. The classes will be taught via Skype.

Limited amount of students per class.


An annual enrollment and 4 installments from August to December and 4 installements from March to June.
Also offer summer courses from January to March.

Courses can be paid by deposit or transfer to the “Banco de la Nación Argentina” or via PayPal.

The course starts with the payment of entollment and the first installment.