1. What’s the length of each course?
    Each complete course lasts between 8 and 120 hrs
  2. How many people are there in each group? 
    Classes are small.
  3. Is it always the same teacher for each level? 
    It is always with the same teacher who will know you and focus on your weaknesses.
  4. Can I arrange my schedule at my convenience?
    There will be different options to set your schedule
  5. Do we have to do homework after the class?
    Yes, the instructor will give you homework from your workbook
  6. How often are the classes and what’s the duration?
    There are regular and intensive courses. 2 or 3 days during the week.  Intensive courses are 6 hrs per week and regular courses are 3 hrs per week.  Intensive courses are divided in 3 times a week and regular courses are twice a week.
  7. If I am a plain biginner can I take the course?
    You do not need to have previous knowledge.  Courses range from biginner to advanced levels.
  8. What is the teaching method to apply in the courses?
    Our methodology is a combination of the best traditional methods wit the most modern ones for the teaching of American English.  This makes the course stimulant and effective.students will produce the English Language according to the level they are at and they will talk about their personal experiences and feelings according to the texts being debated.
  9. What is the material to buy?
    American Headway student’s book and workbook
    There are different levels.


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